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The capital and largest city is AsunciĂn, of which the area is home to nearly a third of Paraguays population. In contrast to most Latin American nations, Paraguays indigenous language and culture, GuaranĂ, in each census, residents predominantly identify as mestizo, reflecting years of intermarriage among the different ethnic groups. GuaranĂ is recognized as an official language alongside Spanish, and both stromectol generico do viagra are spoken in the country. There is no consensus for the derivation or meaning of the name Paraguay, the most common interpretations include, Born from loldubr viagra Riverine of many varieties River which originates a sea Fray Antonio Ruiz de Montoya said that it meant river crowned. The Spanish officer and scientist FĂlix de Azara suggests two derivations, the Payaguas, referring to the tribe who lived along the river. The French-Argentine historian and writer Paul Groussac argued that it meant river that flows through the sea, Paraguayan poet and ex-president Juan Natalicio GonzĂlez said it meant river of the inhabitants of the sea.

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