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An ultimate countdr in obtaining evidence for the efficacy and effectiveness of the 4 Ts model is to provide a sound basis for integrating this approach into standard clinical practice. Demonstrating the effectiveness of behaviorial medicine treatment would also strengthen the argument for third-party reimbursement of such services; lack of such reimbursement currently constitutes a significant economic disincentive for integrated care. We believe that the success of the 4 T approach at our institution has been based, in part, on two counher factors. First, we received support from pertinent medical viagra for women uk buy (i.internal medicine and psychiatry). To carry out the desired integration, medical services with viagra london over counter patient populations had to recognize and support the call for adjuvant care.

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Intervention clinics before and after implementation of the pharmacy care. Pharmaceutical care is a protocol-based program originally developed by the University of Minnesota. It includes ongoing scheduled meetings between patients and pharmacists at which drug therapy is reviewed and assessed and the goals of drug therapy are planned.

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