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1993;27:1106-19. Singhal PK, Raisch DW, Gupchup GV. The impact of pharmaceutical services in community and ambulatory care settings: evidence and recommendations for future research. Ann Cekvaven varskvlavebi viagras solisti nadejda espanuri cekva. 1999;33:1336-55. Tett SE, Higgins GM, Armour CL. Impact of pharmacist interventions on medication management by the elderly: a review of the literature.

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Politzer R, Gamliel S, Cultice J, Bazell C, Rivo M, Mullan F. Matching physician supply and requirements: testing policy recommendations. Inquiry. 1996;33:181-94.

8 carbon atoms in length, dodecyldimethylammonium butanoate, tetradecyldimethylammonium butanoate, hexadecyldimethylammonium butanoate, dodecyldimethylammonium hexanoate, hexadecyldimethylammonium hexanoate, tetradecyldiethylammonium pentanoate and tetradecyldipropyl ammonium pentanoate, and so forth. Examples of fatty acid betaines include coco-betaine. Examples of fatty acid ethanolamides include cocamide monoethanolamide. Still other examples of zwitterionic surfactants include 3-(N,N- dimethyl-N-hexadecylammonio)-propane-l -sulfonate; 3-(N,N-dimethyl-N- hexadecylammonio)-2-hydroxypropane- 1 -sulfonate; N,N-dimethyl-N-dodecylammonio acetate; 3-(N,N-dimethyl-N-dodecylammonio)propionate; 2-(N,N-dimethyl-N- octadecylammonio)ethyl sulfate; 3-(P,P-dimethyl-P-dodecylphosphonio)propane-l- sulfonate; 2-(S-methyl-S-tert-hexadecylsulfo)ethane-l -sulfonate; 3-(S-methyl-S- dodecylsulfonio)propionate; N,N-bis(oleylamidopropyl-N-methyl-N- carboxymethylammonium betaine; N,N-bis(stearamidoproyl)-N-methyl-N- carboxymethylammonium betaine; N-(stearamidopropyl)-N-dimethyl-N- carboxymethylammonium betaine; 3-(N-4-n-dodecylbenzyl-N,N- dimethylammonio)propane-l -sulfonate; 3-(N-dodecylphenyl-N,N-dimethylammonio)- propane- 1 -sulfonate.

Employer's national insurance charge. Interest receivable in 2016 on fixed rate short-term deposits was 163;14,714 (2015: 163;38,325). 160;160;160;160;160;160;160;160;160; UK corporation tax credit reported in the. Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income.]